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In the last journal posted I asked people what their favorite bird was
that was just to see how much of the group was active before I made this competition
anyway on to the info and rules

This will be a competition to decide the Best Bird
to do this you need to fill out the form below
and it's optional but you can throw in a picture (or art) of your species to help get votes

Favorite bird:
Short story/paragraph/info on why your bird should win and why it is the best:
(optional) picture of your bird:  

After I get enough entries I will post a journal where we will vote on the best bird
entry rules:
don't put down other birds
The picture must be yours, no using others work
Only one picture please
you can do multiple stories/paragraph/info if you feel like it

that's about it
have fun and if you have any questions feel free to ask
Finch here
I just wanted to ask

what is your favorite bird?
What do you love most about this bird?
If the female and Male vary in color, which do you prefer?

I personally love the black-billed magpies
I just find their intelligence and personality amazing
anybody willing to draw an icon for this group
here's what i want in it
a pigeon bird of prey or crow/magpie/raven (or suggest one)
The bird to be the center of the image
only one bird please

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